Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well, what a night

Ok. So, it started out nicely. Aimee made a nice dinner for us, Mercedes was being a good girl, and Mariah greeted me at the front door with, "I pee-pee my chonies." Welcome to suburbia. It went down hill from there though. Mariah was a bisnatch during dinner and wouldn't eat her vegetables. She was pretty much doing the 'wrong thing' all during dinner time and then she was invading Merc's bathtime. Argh. It's annoying to me how little kids can just go from screaming their lungs out and shaking in a fit of righteous anger to being cute and making fart noises in the shower. By and by, Mariah is 2.5 years old and can take a shower pretty much by herself. That's some bad-ass parenting if you ask me. Yes, I said shower. Anyways, then we get a call to come get some sweet bedroom furniture for the kids and I go jump in the truck to pick it up. Click click clickity click. Dead battery. What the f. My truck is a constant source of frustration for me, I am so conflicted about whether to keep it or sell it and by something newer. Argh. So I'm charging the battery and waiting and I figured I'd just vent a little on here. Feels good, actually. In other news, I have been on the ball lately about some projects around the house we have been putting off. I have someone coming tomorrow to write me an estimate about closing in our huge window in the living room, got a guy coming to check out the laundry/telecom room on Monday and give me an estimate about running a/c in there. And finally, I got a price to blow insulation into the parts of the house that are sorely lacking. It's crazy, I've been putting these things off even though I know they need doing and I have been dreading doing them myself...and it turns out they're all like $250 - $350 bucks each. I am just going to do it and get it over with and we can get on with the business of enjoying our house.

Off to check the status of the truck battery, LATER!


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