Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Morning!

Wow, well we had quite a surprise when we woke up this morning. I was laying in bed, happily thinking about the fact that I had the morning off of work. Then I heard Aimee say those fateful words, "MARIAH! What have you done to yourself." This can never be a good thing...but I tried to convince myself I was dreaming. I closed my eyes really tight and just kept thinking, "don't wake up don't wake up don't wake up." Unfortunately, it was all too true.

Mercedes loves markers. Mariah loves markers. Unfortunately, Mercedes knows that if Mariah gets her markers they all go in the garbage. This dates back to the 'sharpie on the couch incident'. Well, turns out Merc lost track of one of her markers. The black one. I opened my eyes to see Aimee holding up our baby, covered head to toe with black ink. It was kind of impressive actually. That a two year old could have the patience for that kind of coverage, I mean seriously! So Aimee placed her ever so gently in the tub and started scrubbing her off. I wish we had taken a picture...she had black lips, black hands, black legs (HER ENTIRE LEGS FROM HIP TO TOE), and I think even her elbows were black...which might actually be impossible. So daddy got to go through Mercedes room and round up ALL of her markers...and throw them in the garbage.

Mercedes only response was, "Well, I didn't want them anymore. They were going dry." I'll say, the black one sure wasn't dry.


The Wickershams! said...

well said my friend.

Mike Delster said...

that is the greatest thing i have ever heard.

funny about the elbows...

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