Friday, February 13, 2009

Foster Parenting

Today is Ave's 4th birthday! Fun times, she is so excited. We are going to have a little party for her tonight.

You know what's funny about being a foster parent? When people find out they either think you are a saint or a nut job. It's interesting because I am sure as heck not a saint and I don't think I'm nuts. I dunno, maybe I'm nuts. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I'll tell you what though, it sucks when you realize that you're the best parent your kids are gonna get. Too bad OUR foster kids got us, heh, it's like getting the short straw :)

Anyways, happy birthday Ave!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I got caught up editing my first hd video from the new camera and realized my bus would be at the stop in 8 minutes! Whoa! So I ran all the way to the bus stop, a little over 1/4 mile, and thought I was gonna die when I got there. Holy schnikes, I am way out of shape. I also do not wear very nice shoes for running. But I made it, and I'm now on the bus. Yikes, that would've sucked. So...look for a new video later this evening on the baby blog :)
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Friday, February 6, 2009

A one photo essay

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, my adventures with the doctor continue. I feel like over the last year I have gotten so old. I normally avoid the doctor, due to my long standing belief that they never help you feel any better. Well, I got over this (mainly due to the fact that I now know several doctors that I respect and trust) and got myself a primary care physician. I got myself tested at a fertility doctor. I went to the dentist (I know, that shouldn't count). I went and got new glasses (Can you believe I went 4 years with 1 pair of glasses?). I won't comment on the fact that the fertility doctor told us there was no chance we would have babies, needless to say I'm trying to be open minded. So I like my primary care physician. Let me say take a second here to say that I found all of my doctors (except the fertility doctor) on I don't know if you have used this site, but it is pretty fantastic. Anyways, I like the guy. He is nice, personable, and seems to really care about my health. Most importantly he listens to me. He seems to respect my thoughts and my concerns - I know this shouldn't be surprising but I have never had a doctor like that before. It took more than 6 months before he told me to lose weight, so that is good. Let me just say it is hard to think about getting old and having health problems. As my doc put it, sometimes you wind up in the shallow end of the gene pool. We have this huge history of heart disease in our family. So I have high blood pressure, incredibly high triglycerides, and unimaginably low HDL. I am apparently a basket of suck. So I have to find some time to get some exercise - apparently I won't be walking as much anymore (no more bus riding :( ) so I am going to have to be serious about getting some cardio. I hate this.

Anyways, my mom is leaving tomorrow. I am super bummed about that. It is going to be hard. I am going to have a really hard time adjusting to life without her again. I don't know how I wound up with such incredible parents, but I thank God constantly for them. I love the relationship I have with them, it is truly something that has gotten better with time. I love that my dad and I are buds. I love that my mom and I get along so well, we are really so much alike.

OK, I hope this wasn't too crazy. Peace out everyone.

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