Monday, November 3, 2008

So the day is finally upon us

Election day.  It has been a long time coming, too long in fact.  If I get another political phone call I might go nuts.  Seriously, I'm going to vote, leave me alone.  Put my name on a list and direct your efforts somewhere else.  

Being a complete hypocrite, I will now take a few minutes to have a political rant.  This isn't about Republicans or Democrats; it's about the process.  Being a young adult myself I need to take the opportunity to speak to my fellow young people.  During every election I have followed, and I guess that goes back to Reagan - Mondale in 1982 - 1984 (oh Gary Hart), the pundits have talked about the young adult vote and the difference it was going to make.  Young adults are finally going to make a statement, they are finally going to turn things around.  They are always wrong.  Frankly, I'm sick of it.  As far as I'm concerned, if the young adult vote doesn't turn out in droves for this election I'm officially writing them off.  If you are a young adult that chooses not to vote in this election, -CENSORED BY AIMEE (It was good though, trust me)-.

As a young person, you might say your vote doesn't matter; you MIGHT be right.  You MIGHT also be wrong.  If you don't vote, however,  your vote does not matter.  You might complain that the government doesn't care about you, or that you are taxed unfairly, or that your voice isn't important.  I say, if you don't vote - and historically young people don't vote - why should anyone care about the things that are important to you?  If you aren't a voter then I would argue that your voice should be ignored.   Why should the country waste its resources on someone that choses not to vote?

Let's talk about the candidates.  Not the candidates that we are presented with tomorrow, but candidates in general.  Some say they are all corrupt, some say we are presented with two options (and let's try and remember that there are 5 people on the presidential ballot) that are virtually identical.  There may be things you like about both candidates and things you dislike about both candidates.  There may not be things you particularly like about either (any) candidate.  Well the sad fact of the matter is that there are never going to be perfect candidates.  There is never going to be one person (or ticket) that you can support 100%.  This is the price we pay for no longer being children.  The burden is on you to make a reasoned choice, to think about which person you think is the best fit, and to vote for them.  You can even vote 'against' someone if you want, just vote.  Please, vote.  Inform yourself and make a decision that says "I'm important!  Listen to me!"  It doesn't matter who you vote for, just please stop being irrelevant.


beth said...

oh my goodness, i got on here to write a blog and first read yours and it is exactly to the 't' what i was going to say! you rock! i was in line at 5:55 this morning because i know my vote does matter. I dont like people who dont vote and then b!tch...that is lame. Seriously who cares who you vote for, just do it!

Emily said...

i tried. i thought i would have time in between my classes, but i had a half hour presentation in my night class that i was scrambling to prepare for and was not able to vote because i would've had to drive across town to stand in line at phoenix first assembly.

next time i will be sure to just mail in my early ballot and not dilly dally in my decision... i am disappointed that i didn't get to vote. i wasn't planning on making a huge effort, but by yesterday afternoon i realized how much i really WANTED to!

shoulda got up at 6am!

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