Friday, August 27, 2010

A Difficult Request

Alright, I'm horrible at asking for help but I have 90437361748 kids and becoming an ordained minister is a very expensive and time consuming process. As some of you know, i have transferred to the Iliff School of Theology to continue my studies. This was mainly due to Iliff adding a 'Journey' program which will allow me to travel to school once a quarter instead of every two weeks as I have been doing. This will save me A LOT of money but it is still an outrageous amount every quarter. I have been on scholarship the last two years but scholarship money seems to be drying up, so I am faced with more student loans in order to finish. I am about halfway through my degree and hope to finish in the next two calendar years.

What I am asking for is financial help.

My books cost about $200 a quarter, plane tickets to Denver are about the same. Each quarter hour is about $600 and I am trying to stay full time by taking 8 each quarter (two classes). It hurts to ask for help but I feel like God is trying to teach me a lesson about humility. So I am trying to get past my temptation to delete this. Again. Still trying not to delete. I know there are lots of people that are in much harder financial positions than I am but I’m trying to faithfully follow my call without placing too heavy a burden on my family. If you can help, even a small amount, I would really appreciate it. I’m not asking anyone to pay my way through this thing, but it would mean a lot to me and my personal ministry if you could support me by purchasing a book or a one way plane ticket to Denver or a credit hour or anything.

Please follow this link to find the list of books I need to purchase for the current quarter: Fall 2010 Book List

Anyone interested in donating money can do so by sending a check directly to Iliff made payable to “Iliff School of Theology” with a note specifying that it is a scholarship for Chris Wickersham:

Iliff School of Theology
2201 South University Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80210

Or by sending money directly through Paypal:

I really do appreciate everything all of my friends and family do for me, thank you so much!


SuzanneBJacobson said...

Chris, you never know what will happen! I posted my book list to facebook and had one wonderful person offer to loan me some of the books (which is what I asked for). My friend posted her book list with the same request, and a church member ended up purchasing all of her books for her!

So, these things do work out that way for some of us!

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