Monday, May 18, 2009

Weirdest day ever

Well, yesterday was a crazy day. Not crazy bad but crazy interesting. So to start things off I met Emily Floyd (that still sounds weird to me), her husband Ben and little Gwen at our church and then had lunch at Chilis's afterwards (of course). It was so nice to see/meet them, I really like Ben a lot! Well, I had to meet them late for lunch because I had to do some intern duties after service. That's right, I'm officially an intard! We do this ministry at church called Family Promise which is amazing. Basically one week out of every quarter different churches set up apartments for otherwise homeless families to live in. My job Sunday was to help move the beds on to the next church since our week was complete. Really interesting idea and one of the really inspiring ministries at Trinity. Did anyone else notice it's already Summer? After lunch we came home and took a family siesta until 4, we would have kept sleeping but we had to go to our first youth group! What a fun bunch of kids. We started volleyball and I must say I'm impressed with the kids enthusiasm to say nothing of their abilities. It will be interesting to see what vball is like in the west district. Aimee struggled a bit leaving the twins in the nursery but it worked out well, Katie makes a pretty good Alyssa ;)

So then the day turned crazy. We're driving home from youth group and what do I see in the middle of the street but TWO TODDLERS! Just standing in the street. Freaking nuts. Oh, and just to cap thinks off, there are also two baby goats running loose. But two babies in the street! Someone almost ran over the babies because the were looking at the goats. Anyways, we stopped (lots of cars just drove by them ... WTF?) and Aimee got out and walked them to a few houses hoping to find their parents. No luck. So we call the police and THIRTY minutes later they show up. Dad also shows up, THIRTY MINUTES. Freak. So the cop was gonna just leave and Aimee tells him straight up that he needs to go check and make sure that this guy is really dad. And tells him he needs to call CPS too. Seriously, kids are crazy but you don't lose two 2y/o's for 30 minutes without being outside screaming your head off.

Also, someone took the goats. Seriously, I would have brought them home just to see what Matilda would make of them. I bet she would have mothered them.

So, weird day!

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