Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So we had an interesting class last night. Our Ethics prof made the trip over from Claremont (we usually have a(n awesome) TA who teaches at Grand Canyon but it IS a rare treat to actually have a back an forth dialogue with our profs. They are all incredibly smart (duh). I have a bad habit of monopolizing the conversation as well, and I'm the nerd that sits in the chair right next to the teacher, but I just love having a conversation with guys like Drs Amesbury and Clayton. Sadly, I don't know what I will do for school next fall - Claremont is shutting the doors on the Phoenix campus and I'm not yet in a position to just quit working and go back to school full time. Man, if you're young and debating whether to go to grad school or wait a few years - you should know it is hard as hell to support a family, be involved in ministry, and try to go to school. On the other hand, all of our teachers appreciate us for the 'mature' outlook we bring to the classes and the experiences we have had. Ugh, I dunno, it's a tough call. It's interesting to be at a point in your life when you can say to your teacher, 'I have to work overtime for the next two weeks so I won't be able to do my homework' and not even be able to care how they respond. It is somewhat liberating to be going to school because you REALLY want to learn and not worrying about grades. We all know what you call the guy who finishes last in his class in Seminary, right? Anyways, classes are amazing and I'm not sure how I would deal with not being in school anymore. Harumph. In slightly ironic other news - Claremont sent me a letter asking me to confirm that I am graduating in 2010.

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