Friday, August 15, 2008

So I have not felt much like blogging lately...

But here goes. I'm sure you know that the girls are gone, it hasn't really affected me the way I thought it might. I miss them, intensely sometimes, but it's not like I thought it would be. Maybe it's because we have the babies coming; maybe it's just because I was meant to be a foster parent. I hope it isn't because I have some personalit disorder like the pdych said. I have always know that I have trouble expressing some emotions, especially in certain situations, but part of me just feels like they can find something 'wrong' with everyone-i mean it's in their own best interest really if you think about for eveyone in america to have a diagnosed problem, That way if you lose it and shoot up a school they can say 'see, told you so' and if you just live your life normally no one will ever call them on it. Either way, I'm happy I'm not suffering about the move anymore. I had two really good cries, one was hysterical in fact, and I'm just sort of at the point of a dull ache in my life which I think is good two weeks out. I am excited about new foster kids, outr house is this strange bizarro land with no kids. Luckily we are going to be innundated with company over the next few weeks and then we're going to florida. Jessie is here right now (yay!) and I'm super happy she decided to stay over the weekend, it sucks having visitors when you have to work the whole freaking time. Jeremy came over and we played dirty probe last night, that's always fun! Whale's vagina! I have more to say, but this is getting very long and I'm on my blackberry so I don't want to push things. Later!
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