Monday, May 26, 2008

Your entertainment for the day...

This is Aimee haha. I am posting on Chris' blog. He never posts so I thought I would give everyone something to read.
Today we are switching all of our bedrooms around. Except for the master every room is changing. Mercedes and Mariah will be in the same room, and that opens up two other bedrooms. One for our friends who are going to move in with us, and another for an office/study area. It's going to be nice. I'm not sure why it never occurred to us to use our biggest bedroom as a kids bedroom. Oh well.
I love change. I love changing things around. I always want to move my furniture around. I love switching rooms and moving things all over. I kind of thrive on change. That isn't typical though. Most people hate change. Not I.

Later we have a birthday partay. It's going to be fun. BBQ type of thing. I love BBQs. I miss them. I love BBQ chicken with tons of BBQ sauce. How many times can I say BBQ? I would love some BBQ pizza right now. Instead I will have pepperoni.

Ok, I hope you have enjoyed this quite meaningless blog.


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